Jesus' birthday party: a talk for a crib service

Jesus' birthday party

You are a King. You’ve had a baby. He or She is going to be the next ruler. You want to celebrate their birth. You are going to have a party. 
Because you’re a big King and you want people to know how big you are, you throw a big party: big parade; a big palace, amazing fireworks, glamorous VIP’s, lavish gifts. 

You’re a bigger King. You’ve had a baby. He or she is going to be the next ruler. You want to celebrate their birth. You are going to have a party.
Because you’re a bigger King and you want people to know that you are bigger, you throw a bigger party: a bigger parade, a grander palace, more amazing fireworks, A-list glamorous VIP’s, astonishingly expensive gifts

You see, in our world, the bigger the king, the bigger the party: you need to show people how big you are. 

So what if the one born is the Greatest of kings .. the King of kings and the Ruler of rulers. 
What a party!!
And yet Jesus, the Son of God, the King of kings, was born in a cowshed, to a couple of peasants, and the visitors were some shepherds and some odd people from the East.
The answer is simple: God did not need to show anyone how big he was. He does that every day when we look at this creation. He chose instead to show how great his love for us is. Jesus came into the mess of a stable, into the mess of our world, to save us from the mess of our lives. 

And because of that, today millions and millions of people celebrate his birthday. Today his birthday party is far bigger than that of any other ruler. It is a party that has a parade of millions singing his praises; his palace is the universe; the fireworks can be seen every night when we look up in the sky; everyone is invited; and we don’t just give him gifts, those who receive his love him give him their lives. 

Welcome to Jesus’ birthday party. Happy Christmas. 


  1. Good post! When I was a kid, my mom would book one of the Chicago venues for a get together and a party. My granny used to tell us the story about Jesus and we enjoyed listening to the same story every year. There was a joy in that as well.


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