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Why does Jesus walk on water?

Mark 6:45-52 Life is hard: there are discouragements, disappointments, criticisms Some of us have been on holiday, and now we have to go back to work: we have to be responsible, do things we do not wish to do, wear the uniform, look smart. The Christian life is no different: it is hard to be a Christian believer. Our society is increasingly anti-Christian; maybe our work place or family is hostile to faith; our friends are at the stage where they want to experiment or have new experiences, which is great, except God plays no part in their thinking and they want to do things against what God has said. Maybe you have lost your job, struggling with a sense of lack of worth, or with forgiveness, sickness, bereavement.  It is hard living by faith, putting your total trust in an unseen God; and at times prayers seem unanswered, God seems absent and you feel forgotten.  It is hard: the disciples (Jesus' followers) are being obedient to Jesus. He has told them to go to the other

Montgomery Heights Christian Care Centre

Montgomery Heights (the compound) Montgomery Heights Christian Care Centre is a children's home set on a hill about 80 kilometres NW of Harare, Zimbabwe. It is home (and school) to 56 children, from 0 - 18, carers and staff (some of whom live in the compound, but most of whom live in a village just outside the compound). The children are divided into four homes: the babies, the toddler house, the boys and the girls. Most of the children are without both parents, and have been at the home from a very early age. The vast majority of parents have died with HIV. Montgomery Heights is also home to a church which serves the surrounding villages and district. Jesus said that those who call him Lord should be 'the light of the world'. He describes them as being like 'A city set on a hill', which cannot be hidden. Montgomery Heights is a 'city' set on a hill which reflects the glory of God, and we had the privilege, as part of my sabbatical, to stay there for