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on Mary

Luke 1:46-55 I love Lord of the Rings. But for those who have read it you will be aware that in between the story bits there are poem bits. They weren’t in the film, and I have to confess that when I read it, I skim them. Which is a bit of a shame, because they are actually quite important. Today we come to one of the songs that Luke records in his story of Jesus. It is the song of Mary. Some people say that Mary could never have said these words: ‘They’re too profound for a peasant girl’. But actually the song of Mary is very similar to another song in the bible sung by a woman who had been barren, and despised, but who had, against all the odds, given birth. And Mary would have known that song (we can find it in 1 Samuel 2: it is the song of Hannah), and she would have reflected on it and, over time, spoken these words. And Luke records this song because it is actually quite important. In it, Mary tells us about God and about what God is doing. 1. Mary tells us about God who is h