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Genesis 32:22-32 The faith that will not let go

Genesis 32.22-32 This is one of the more enigmatic, puzzling passages in the Old Testament. But it is important. This is the story of how the people of Abraham, the people of faith, are given the name Israel. And as the Church, the people of the New Testament, we also carry that name: we are the Israel of God (Galatians 6:16). It is also, I think, particularly a story for those of you who are second or third children. Jacob is a second child – and he didn’t want to be second. He wanted to be first. So all his life, he fought. He fought his brother From the womb. As his brother comes out of the womb, Jacob comes out holding onto his heel. That is why he was called Jacob, because Jacob means one who takes the heel, one who supplants. He fought his brother for the birthright. That belonged to the firstborn, but Jacob wanted it.   He doesn’t fight Esau physically – Esau is much stronger than him. Instead he uses cunning. He waits for his moment