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The dream designer

Fashion show Congratulations to organisers. Bury St Edmunds answer to London 's fashion week - thank you to the firms who have provided the clothes - and the models, look stunning. One word of warning: Dave Barry said, 'The leading cause of death among fashion models is falling through street grates'. When I said that to Alison, she answered, ''Some hope!" So what has a vicar got to say at a fashion show - especially a vicar who is so well known for his fashion-consciousness. At least his wife makes up for him.  However I am being educated: I know now about colours - Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer - and styles and I know now not to wear socks with sandals. Although - in my more rebellious moments - I still do have some sympathy for Bruce Oldfield who said, 'I'm not that interested in fashion. When someone says that lime-green is the new black for this season, you just want to tell them to get a life'.    The vicar wishes to say two thin

St Peter's 150th anniversary

MATTHEW 16:21-28 This weekend we celebrate St Peter’s 150 th anniversary. Congratulations. It also happens to be Alison’ and my 17 th wedding anniversary today. I do like the story of Pastor Jones who had heard that Ralph was celebrating his 50 th wedding anniversary, and so he decided to take advantage of using Ralph as a sermon illustration. He asked Ralph to come on stage and share some insight into how he managed to live with the same woman all those years. Ralph turned to the congregation and said, "Well, I treated her with respect and spent money on her—but mostly I took her traveling on special occasions." The pastor asked, "Trips to where?" "For our 25th anniversary," Ralph answered, "I took her to Beijing , China ." The congregation nodded and murmured in appreciation. When things quieted down, the pastor said: "What a terrific example you are to husbands, Ralph. So, tell us where you're going now for your 50th