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Dependence on God and miracles.

Mark 6:1-13 “And Jesus could do no deed of power there, except that he laid his hands on a few sick people and cured them” (Mark 6:5) Compare that with Mark 6:13 “They (the disciples) cast out many demons, and anointed with oil many who were sick and cured them”. A link to the audio of this talk There was a huge difference between the ministry of Jesus in his hometown and the ministry of the disciples – and, one suspects by the reference to anointing with oil, the ministry of the early Christians after the death and resurrection of Jesus. We long to see those deeds of power. We long to see people set free from the grip of evil, and those wonderful healings. When I finished at university I went to work as a parish assistant in Hackney. I was asked to visit a young man who was in a long-term coma. I sat by his bed, and I would pray for a miracle. Perhaps, if I am honest, I wanted to see that miracle so that I could claim that I had power, so that I would be vindicated, so tha