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John 1:1-14 L IFE: What is life? I make no pretence to be a scientist. Gave up on science when I realised I would have to learn the periodic table, and that there was no system to help me!  Wikipedia gives one definition of life: "A  characteristic  of  self-organizing , self-recycling  systems  consisting of populations   of  replicators that are capable of  mutation , around most of which homeostatic ,  metabolizing  organisms evolve". Is that all? I heard on Friday of a 12 year old boy who has just become a father with a 15 year old girl. Is the life that has been produced simply the product of unprotected sex or is it something more? And if it is nothing more, what right does that particular baby, that bundle of cells which sleeps, eats and cries have to exist? And if it ceases to exist, so what? We do not grieve a leaf that falls from a tree, and yet the biological process that worked within the leaf – of cells separating and reproducing - is exactly the same process