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Redefining marriage

Icon of wedding in Cana  The recent vote on the decision to redefine marriage raises a number of serious issues for those Christians who wish to uphold the biblical teaching that the right place for sexual intimacy is between a man and a woman who are in a committed, life-long relationship. Civil society does have the authority to 'redefine' marriage, if marriage is purely a question of legitimacy for a particular set of relationships, placing those relationships in the context of the wider society. Different societies have legitimated different practices (including polygamy and polyandry). If parliament wishes to place same sex relationships on the same footage as heterosexual relationships, then it can do so. However, in passing such legislation, there needs to be a recognition that it is representative of all people. One of my major fears is that redefining marriage introduces a significant social change which tramples over the deeply held views of an older generation in

Overcoming the fear of death

Hebrews 2:14-18 listen to ‘Overcoming the fear of death’ on Audioboo Last week I celebrated a significant birthday.  It has made me think. I probably have fewer years ahead than I have already lived. And it is true that life seems to go faster the older that you get. It is not quite yet ‘the end is nigh’ but ... I was talking with someone who thinks that I am still a mere child. He is a Christian, but hewas saying what I think many people think, but few say: ‘the aging process gets to me. I don’t want to grow old, and I don’t want to die’. Another person was telling me, again last week, about how she had been gripped with the fearof death. And I remember the emotion when, as a 15 year old, I suddenly realised for the first time that I would have to die. I really did have that sensation which comes when you hear very bad news, that sinking feeling in your stomach. The Christian message however, is a message of astonishing hope to all who are held cap