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Friends, Faith, Forgiveness and Freedom

MARK 2:1-12 Well known story of hole in the roof. Jesus had come home. Tom Wright points out that it is not often mentioned that the house that Jesus was in was probably his own, and that the roof that was destroyed was his. Four words: friends, faith, forgiveness and freedom. FRIENDS AND FAITH We have here a group of men (notice, there were more than four) who cared about the paralysed man: they cared enough to do something. Jesus is back at home - they had heard the stories about the healings that he had done - they thought Jesus could do something for the paralysed man – and so they bring him to Jesus. Not only that. These friends did not give up when it began to get difficult. They bring the paralysed man on his stretcher to the house, but when they get there, there is an enormous crowd. Everybody is there. They’ve come to see the local boy made good. They’ve come to see some of these wonderful things that others have spoken about. They’ve brought their sick. And the friends could