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How to live as a Christian in this world

Luke 12:32-40 Followers of Jesus are called to be citizens of another kingdom, of another world, while living in this world. Some Christians withdraw completely from this world. They form tight communities, apart from the world. They may ignore the world, or they may occasionally go out on a mission into the world.  Other Christians end up so identifying with this world that it is very hard to see what is different and unique about them: we end up with folk religion or even civic religion - where the purpose of the church is to bless what is. But this passage gives us some hints as to how we are to live as citizens of another world in this world. Don’t be afraid: we have a hope Jesus has been speaking words to people who have nothing. They  are anxious about the essentials of life: what they will eat, drink and wear. He has just said, ‘Seek God’s Kingdom first’ and all these things will be ‘added to you’ (Luke 12:31: the Greek word really does mean 'added to you', and