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Battle of Britain service 2011

2 Kings 6:14-23; Mark 8:22-30 Today we honour the men and women who fought in the Battle of Britain: those who were up in the air, the ground crews, observer corps, those who defended the airfields, those who provided practical and logistical support, the families and many others, military and civilian. We give thanks for their commitment, courage and hard work. The fact that our celebrations still include a church service means that we have not forgotten that this was not simply about we have done. We recognise that behind the reality of human history there is another reality, an eternal reality - and we give thanks to God for his merciful act of deliverance. Our reading from the OT today speaks of a moment when a man who could only see the physical reality, had his eyes opened and he saw the eternal reality. There are elements in the story that are familiar. An enemy intent on invasion and occupation. An enemy with a strategic objective. Israel has a secret weapon. I