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Parish AGM talk 2008

1 Peter 2:4-12 This is the year that we celebrate 150 years of worship and witness at St Peter’s. So far we have had the new year’s eve party, the service of dedication, and the LIFE exhibition. There are still many events to look forward to: the flower festival, Clive Paine’s talk on the history of St Peter’s, the history booklet, the Andy Flannagan concert, the actual anniversary weekend and the pantomime. But as part of those celebrations, and recognising the planting of St Peter’s was part of the mission of St Mary’s all those years ago, this is also a year that we are focussing on mission. Mission is the atmosphere of the church. It is our purpose and our life blood. And whether mission is happening through people sharing the good news with visitors to our churches or the Hyndman centre or with friends and colleagues, or whether it is happening through people in our groups reaching out to others, or whether it happens in the big set pieces when we proclaim Christ – my hope is tha