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A Christmas message 2007

Three dimensional Christmas At the centre of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of a baby. Not any baby, but the birth of a child who was the Son of God. There is a crib scene, on the Angel Hill, just by Abbey gate. It’s been there now for a number of years, and I’ve walked passed it, but I’ve never really looked at it. This year I had to because I was invited to take a service by the crib earlier this month. It is a fascinating scene. It includes Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, the wise men and the baby Jesus. The shepherds are shown wondering (they’ve just had an experience that is – to put it mildly – unusual. It is not every day that you get a visitation from angels); the wise men are kneeling down offering gifts, Mary is also kneeling – but she is praying and Joseph is presenting. He is standing there like a preacher. But in the centre of the scene, and it is the only figure that is in three dimensions is the baby Jesus. He is the one who gives the others their meaning and