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Understanding the Trinity: a story

JOHN 16:12-15 I’d like to tell you a story. It is the story of an exiled Leader, and a land occupied by a cruel and oppressive ruler. The exiled Leader is the rightful ruler of this land. He was immensely powerful, and a good and loving leader. He gave everything to his people. He provided the best for his people. But he also allowed his people the freedom to say no to him. Some say he shouldn’t have done that. But because he loved them, he gave them the freedom to choose to love him and obey him. Was it inevitable? We don’t know. But there was the Great Rebellion. Even though he had been so good to them, a million people said, ‘No. We do not want you to be our leader; I want to be the leader’. But of course that cannot work. You cannot have a million people each wanting to be leader, without chaos. And in the confusion, a cruel oppressor began to rule (John 14:30). His name was Smert. He was evil, and he ruled from the shadows. He began to whisper to each person, “Of co