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A vision for St Peter's

Matthew 5:13-16 What is our vision for St Peter's? A few weeks ago, St Peter's committee went away for a day to think through the direction for St Peter's: what are we about? What would we like to see happen? How would we like to grow? Afterwards I spent some time working through what was said, and came up with the following summary statement: A community of Jesus Christ, submitted to His word and serving His world. I'd like to look at that, in the light of those verses that we had read from Matthew 5 1. A community of Jesus Christ There was a common consensus that we wish to be one community. We do not wish to have one service that is more traditional, and another that is more modern. Our aim is that, when we meet together, we will be a single community that seeks to embrace people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. But we can only be that if we are centred on the one who can break down all barriers. We can only be that if we are centred on Jesus Christ and if we a

Using our gifts

MATTHEW 25:14-30 We're looking at the three parables in Matthew 25 Last week: parable of the 10 bridesmaids: 5 were wise and 5 were foolish. We need to be vigilant: as the people of God we are called to watch. Today, we are looking at the parable of the talents. It is quite well known, but it is worth revisiting. Three headlines 1. We need to use what we have been given The talents that we have been given are from God and to be used in God's service A 'talent' today has become something special. In education speak we talk about 'gifted and talented'. But it is not how Jesus understands it here. Our talents are all the things that God has given us that can be used for service to others and to him. JC Ryle writes, "Anything whereby we may glorify God is a 'talent'. Our gifts, our influence, our money, our knowledge, our health, our strength, our time, our senses, our reason, our intellect, our memory, our affections, our privileges as members of Chris