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How can I be worthy enough for God? Matthew 22.1-14

Matthew 22.1-14 ‘Those invited were not worthy?’ What does it mean to be worthy – to be worthy of God? There is the L'OrĂ©al advert: ‘Because you are worth it’ The reason why that catches is because many of us do not think that we are worth it – worth anything. We try to make ourselves worthy. I was hearing a chaplain speak about the people she works with at Cambridge University. She said, there were so many people she met – from college principals, to professors, to students (and college chaplains!) – who had a sense of imposter syndrome: there was that feeling that I’m not really worthy to be here.   So what does it mean to be worthy of God – of God’s love, of God’s invitation? I mean this is a big thing. The King sends out invitations to the guests to come to the wedding of his son. God sends out invitations to his guests to come to the wedding of his Son. It is an astonishing invitation. It is an invitation to spend time with God, to share his joy in the wedd