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Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Mark 1:4-11 We jump very quickly from the birth of Jesus, the coming of the wise men, to the baptism of Jesus. But it is still about new beginnings. Jesus at the beginning of his ministry comes to John to be baptised. He identifies himself with John and with John’s message He identifies himself with those who choose to be baptised But there is much more going on. And I would suggest at Jesus baptism, 1. Tears heaven open 2. Baptises people not with water, but with the Holy Spirit.   1. Jesus tears heaven open As he is baptised, 'He saw heaven being torn open and the Spirit descending on him like a dove'. (v10) It is a powerful image. Because of our rebellion against God, our rejection of God, our self-centredness, our attempt to put ourselves in the place of God - a barrier has been placed between heaven and earth. We may have an idea that heaven is there, but we cannot see into heaven. That is why our lives and our world are in such a mess. That is